VIDEO - Steph Curry: The Greatest Shooter of All Time 

This video is a compilation of Steph Curry 3-pointers sorted out into different categories:
(3:16) - “TRANSITION”
(4:13) - “LONG-RANGE”
(5:45) - “OFF THE PASS”
(7:44) - “FLY BY”
(8:23) - “ON FIRE”

Probably the BEST Curry video on Youtube. Must watch.

"I lost my mind
trying to find yours."
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"I forgot what I sent you"
— ancient snapchat proverb (via tentacoolaid)

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"The easiest way to tell if you’re happy or not, is during the nights before you go to sleep."
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Anonymous Asked
Questionany advice for a guy who got cheated on by his girl? Answer


Yea, be happy that the universe stepped in and took a whack ass female out of your life before you wasted any more time! Now you’re one step closer to finding a good one.



this is so fucking sad wow.

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Nigga jumps me with a knife and I disarm that nigga. Dude points a gun at me I stand my ground. Anyone threatens my fam or my friends I got their back through whatever. It’s easy being tough with all those things. Why is it now that I feel like everything is falling apart? Why is it now that I feel like I have no control?